You want to be at peace with your body.  And you are looking for the place to start, the onramp to a healthier lifestyle.

Imagine partnering with an experienced guide, someone who will show you the path for changing your behaviors around eating.

Starting something new can be overwhelming and scary, which is why we designed Nourishing Start for you. This 12 Week Healthy Eating Habits program is:

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You will get step-by-step lessons on how to make changes that are right-sized for you, delivered on your phone, mobile device or laptop.



You will have an experienced certified nutrition coach and a small community of other women, also participating in  the program, for encouragement and accountability.  Help is available to you at anytime by direct messaging your coach, or through a private Facebook group.



You are caring for yourself, eating real food that tastes delicious and is mindfully prepared.  Food is for pleasure, celebration and comfort; it nourishes not only our body but our mind and soul too.  You will enjoy satiety without deprivation.

With the Nourishing Start Program, you will receive:

  • Daily emails that offer you small achievable steps, nutritional habits to practice, and lessons to reinforce your learning.  The online curriculum that we utilize is a research-based, proven system that has successfully helped over 45,000 people lose more than 900,000 pounds.
  • Downloadable Quick Start Guide, custom-designed for you to start confidently.
  • Weekly online reviews to help you reflect on your progress and stay on-track.
  • Monthly online workshops to view at your convenience for in-depth application.
  • Regular progress checks, surveys and assessments for accountability.
  • Weekly encouragement and guidance within a private Facebook group community, hosted by your coach, Laura Wall, and her coaching partner, Robin Tinay-Potter of Potter WellFit, also a Certified Nutrition Coach and Certified Personal Trainer.
  • Monthly web-based live meetings (like Skype), with both coaches and your fellow group members.
  • Online access to your coach via the coaching software platform and within the private Facebook group.
  • Direct, one-on-one access with your coach by phone or web-based meeting (up to 60 minutes) each month.  Additional contact with your coach is available by text or email.

Registration for February 2017 Session is now closed.  
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Embrace this opportunity to put yourself first on your to-do list, so you can release the old habits holding you back and finally move forward towards a healthier, selfie-loving you.

With the new skills and habits you will learn and establish through Nourishing Start, you will begin to make peace with your body, learn to trust yourself, and be ready to engage wholeheartedly in your life!  

Are you ready to get out of your own way?  You already have the permission that you seek.

Nourishing Start 12 Week Program
Nutrition Coaching for women by women
Space in this program is limited.  

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Are you not feeling quite ready quite yet?  Check out this video on a first step you can take towards a healthier, happier you.  This is Video 4 of 4 in the mini-series.

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