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Light & Bright Weight Wellness Program
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Light & Bright Weight Wellness Program


Light & Bright
is an 8 Week Healthy Habit Online Program designed to help you break-out of being stuck or overwhelmed, and onward to small, sustainable healthy actions for weight loss, increased energy, and improved health.  Combining a holistic approach focusing on nutrition, mindset and self-care, this online coaching program is for women only and starts on January 23, 2019.

So what is this program all about? 
It is about changing our mindset and our habits so that we can pursue, with greater ease, our goals of wellbeing, whether that is improved health, weight loss, greater energy or increased fitness.

This program  is designed to help you get a better understanding of your existing food habits and how to realign them with healthy habits that support your wellness goals which may include weight loss.  Our focus will be not only on adjusting our nutrition habits, but also shifting our mindset to become more open, curious and confident about how our mind and body work together.

This 8-week program includes:

✨a knowledgeable coach who acts as your guide

✨a proven nutrition habit-based system that promotes safe, sustainable weight loss

✨weekly mindset lessons & accountability check-ins

✨monthly online meetings with Coach Laura (a total of 2 calls over the 8-week period)

✨a private online community of women like you, who want to change how they look and feel better, and who will be cheering you on!

**please note: we will be using a private Facebook group for this, so you must be a Facebook user to get the full benefit of this feature.

Once you have completed payment and registration for this course, you will receive an email with an invitation to the private Facebook group.

In this program, you can learn ...

👉2 of the most powerful habits of weight wellness that have nothing to do with *what you eat*

👉how to truly know what your body needs to look and feel its best; and

👉the tools you need to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports you and your wellness goals.

Course starts on Wednesday January 23, and will end March 19, 2019.

At the end of this 8-week course, it is my intention that you will have:
~greater trust in yourself to make the food choices that empower your goals
~some love for your body and its amazing capabilities
~a bit more peace in your mind as you have figured out how to tame your "inner critic"; and
~freedom to enjoy all kinds of food as you understand what they truly do for you.

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