For 1-on-1 coaching sessions and AromaFreedom sessions, we can meet

  • In person - at my office, The Healing Room, located in Yoga San Angelo at 63 N. Chadbourne, San Angelo, Texas. I offer sessions by appointment only, booked via this website (note: the staff of Yoga San Angelo does not book appointments on my behalf, nor do I take walk-ins). Once you have booked your session, you will receive a detailed confirmation email.

  • Virtually - by Zoom online meeting. For AromaFreedom Therapy sessions, when you book your session, please choose an appointment date at least 1 week from the current date, to allow the for shipping of your special package, which will include samples of Young Living Essential Oils and a worksheet to be used during our session.


For workshops, I offer interactive presentations on a variety of topics. Some of my workshops I am happy to offer free. Custom-designed workshops are fee-based. I would love to create a unique experience for your group or upcoming event. In the form below, please share details about how I can best serve you and your group.

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