When Elise first came to me, she wanted to improve her overall health, and was also discontent with her appearance.  In fact, it kept her from pursuing her first love, singing at church and in a local cover band.  It made her feel uncomfortable when hanging out with friends at their annual beach trip.  She was also overwhelmed by the stress of an unfulfilling job, long commutes in big city traffic, caring for her aging mother on the other side of town, and some financial concerns.  As a result, she tended to choose convenience food for lunch and dinner, and craved sugary snacks.  She enjoyed walking her dogs, bicycling and doing home improvement projects, but at times, found it difficult to muster up the energy for them.  And she was a smoker.

She was so doubtful in her ability to change, she actually quit before we had our first session.

After reassuring her that she could choose the pace of the change, we began working together to focus on reframing her mindset around her health, looking for small action steps she could take with confidence and consistency, and eventually, evaluating what activities or commitments in her life no longer served her deepest values and desires.  Big stuff!

Over the course of the year of our coaching together, Elise made great strides to bring her daily actions and choices into alignment with what brought her peace, love and joy.  She changed jobs, sold her old home, partnered with her mother on a new home purchase in an area of town she loved, re-joined a singing group, started cooking and eating more meals at home, gave up smoking on her own, lost 5 inches off her midline, and started a small business that allows her to express her creativity.


Suzanne had just finished a year-long nutrition coaching program when she came to me to help her find the right balance between maintaining her good habits and enjoying her life which involved a lot of travel for both work and pleasure.  

Although she had spent a year practicing new healthy habits around eating, movement and recovery, Suzanne did not fully trust herself.  She also found it difficult to stay focused during her her home workouts, easily distracted by chores left undone and roommates coming and going.  And she wanted to pursue some activities that made her feel most alive: singing, performing and dancing.  At times, she felt guilty devoting time to herself, instead of spending time with her husband, whose flexible work hours and love of spontaneous outings conflicted with her preference for a scheduled routine.   

During our sessions, Suzanne was able to identify her “big rocks”, the parts of her identity that were most fulfilling to her soul, and sustaining to her body, that deserved greater focus of her energy.  She learned to ask for what she wanted in her relationships, and establish better boundaries for herself and with others, including confidently addressing the “food pusher” in her life.  She was able to identify and overcome some seemingly small obstacles that were stealing away her attention and preventing her from living out her truth. She has now become quite competent at putting in place the tools, routines and support that she needs to maintain her healthy habits, her weight, and more importantly, to pursue her passions.

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