A Silver Opportunity

“Seriously? You are going back to Costa Rica again? But didn’t you just go there this summer?” a friend asked when I told her of my upcoming trip.

My unplanned, unexpected, but gotta-go trip, to the beaches of Santa Theresa, in the Nicoya Pennisula of Costa Rica.

That’s right, I went to CR earlier this summer for two glorious weeks and blew up my social media feed with post after post of the tropical paradise that it is. The first week I attended an amazing yoga retreat given by my dear friend Kim Goyette (aka Meditation Mutha on YouTube) with two of my besties.


The next week I enjoyed a second honeymoon with my husband in a little cabina at the edge of the Pacific ocean, lulled to sleep by its waves crashing on rocks. Overall, the two weeks there was like adult summer camp: yoga, playing in the ocean, massage, waterfall hiking, surfing and incredible food from local farms that made your body come alive. It was incredible!


Which is why I jumped at the chance to go back this Fall when my friend Nora invited me to be a fitness model for her new surfwear line, 124 West. (Check out my IG feed for Nora’s story of how she is creating enviromentally-friendly surf gear for women.)

”I want to show women of all shapes and sizes, I want to show diversity and I need a woman who is . . .” [insert long pause of awkward silence after Nora issued this invite.]

”Of a certain age group? You need a women with red AND silver hair, right Nora?” I asked, playfully finishing her sentence, and laughing because discussing my age does not bother me.

Yes, she invited me not only because we are friends and she knows my deep abiding love for the country of Costa Rica and surfing, but also because I represent a growing demographic of post-menopausal women who don't think that getting older is a curse, but a blessing. I finally have the time, the choice, and the boldness to pursue physical activities (like surfing) for the sheer joy of it! Not because of what some magazine or social media image tells me who I am suppose to look or wear at the beach.

You’ve hear of a Golden Opportunity? Well, this is my Silver Opportunity.


My husband, who always supports my crazy endeavors, did ask me, “Why are you going on this trip? Is this for business or what?” (A resort in CR is now carrying my #dailyheartnecklace in their gift shop.)

After a moment of reflection, I said, “The reason I am going is not just to surf, or to help my friend, both of those are important. But I am going so I can tell my great-grandchildren that they need to dream their big dreams because if I can become a surfer and international surfwear model at age 50, they can do anything!”

Be sure to follow my adventures on Facebook or Instagram. And yes, Wi-Fi willing, I plan to blow up your feed with pictures of natural beauty, not-so-natural beauty like the challenge of waterproof make-up application; and holding surfing poses without falling over laughing.

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