squat rack

Illegal Use of a Squat Rack

You know “that guy” at the gym, the one who stands in the squat cage doing bicep curls, admiring himself lovingly in the mirror, and then does not rack his weights?  Yeah, we have a name for him: douche bag. We (women in the gym) cringe when we see him.  He is one of the reasons women hate going in the gym.  He represents everything bad at the gym: testosterone cloud, rudeness, confusing use of weights, stinky armpits.

Well, today, I was that guy.  No, I did not do bicep curls in the squat rack while taking a selfie video.  I did something worse, and by worse, I meant that a) I was probably breaking some kind of gym rules (and I work there), and b) I probably made a few guys cringe and say “what the hell is she doing?”

What did I do?

I practiced some trapeze skills on the Smith machine bar. 


Just balancing on the bar, my hips on the bar, my legs straight behind me, no hands.  Think: classic scene from Titanic on the front of the boat, Kate peering out over the water, while Leo gently holds her.

But for me:  no loving helper, no feet on the ground, no rail to catch me.  And no net either!

Look Ma, No Hands!

Okay, okay, I was only a couple of feet off the ground.  It was not dangerous.  However, it may have looked silly.  But it had a purpose.  There is significant core engagement in this movement, which is personal trainer-speak for: good balance and squeezing your butt really hard.

The purpose was practice, which looks a lot like play.  I was practicing some skills that I need to have so I can get better at the aerial classes I have been taking.


This is a new thing that my body has graciously allowed me to pursue.  As I have gotten stronger and more confident, I try new things, like trapeze lessons.  And as I take the trapeze lesson, I notice where I am strong enough to do things I thought I could not.  I also notice where I need to get stronger . . . little things to work on at the gym including a strong back and core, and better grip-strength.

Less Workout, More Play Time

There’s a symbiotic, yin-yang relationship between my workouts and my play time, that is, the Sky Candy gym which offers aerial classes.  Each feeding into the other.

For now, I have given up on tracking numbers (scale, tape measure, clothing size), and instead I am just focused on improving my skills and strength so I can play better.

Which puts me in the squat cage, probably looking like a foolish monkey, but secretly, I am getting revenge on all of the gym douche guys.  And having fun doing it!