The Right Shoes for the Job

It's a snow day and it's Friday.  The perfect recipe for slacking off, right? But as a new business owner, who is trying to develop her new business that is exactly the kind of day we wish for:  it is quiet, no one is going anywhere or needing anything.  Everyone is in hibernation mode.

So while the world enjoys the start of a long weekend, I can sneak off to my home office.  To my robe and slippers.

Wait, what? Nope.  I feel resistance.  My whole being does not wish to work like this: my outfit was holding me back.


In my warm fuzzy 100% Egyptian cotton floor-length monogrammed dark chocolate-colored robe, I feel like I am surrounded by the ultimate mobile bedspread.  And my house slippers, they are equally fuzzy, warm and lounge-inducing.

I realize that if I want to work, I have to be intentional.  So it starts with a decision:  this is a work day.  I am going to work.

I get off the couch and head to my dressing area with determination.  I act like I have a regular job to go to instead of a "home business."  I wash my face, brush my teeth, put my hair in a no-nonsense ponytail, and begin to select just the right work-at-home outfit.  I want a blend of comfort, style and yet pass the "real life" test  - that I would wear the outfit somewhere in public.

IMG_0522I choose some knit cargo pants, a long sleeve turquoise top, with a sleek down vest and a lightweight knitted sparkle-y scarf.  And my favorite "kick ass" necklace to boost my mindset.  Somehow, adding those accessories seem to make my casual clothes an "outfit."  And having an outfit means I am going to do something, right?

And now shoes...this is real ticket to activity.  Shoes, more so than the clothes, to me, really signal to yourself and others what your true intentions are.  House slippers? I'm slacking.  Ballet slippers? I feeling hip and young.  High heels?  Get out of my way, this is a really important event if I am going to this much trouble.

My selection of shoes confirms my decision; they are the psychological gas pedal for my intentions; they tell my mind the agenda for the day.

And shoes, unlike clothes, don't abandon us when our weight fluctuates.  Your shoe size is a constant.  And your shoe choices: a reflection of the different identities you like to wear.

So I chose a Merrell slip-on sporty ballet flat, the kind I wear when I travel.  They are perfect for zipping through airport security lines or for navigating cobblestone streets when I am a tourist.  They are multi-purpose.  They are real shoes with a real rubber no-slip sole.  There is no slipping back into an armchair with these on.  They are ready to go ... and do!

But when I get to my desk, I am instantly overwhelmed by all that I "could" do.  So I pause for a moment and reflect on the lesson of my shoe choice.  I just need something to ground me, to get started, something reminds me of my focus.  So much like my choice of footwear affirms the workday, energizing music helps set the mood in my office.

A big thanks to my friend, Kathi, who reminded me of this delightful song to kick off my workday.