c1135aad1483abf927a1d7273e2d688fWhere is God in all of this body changing business? He is right here with me.  Inside of me, around me, for me, proud of me, accepting me just as I am, but believing that I can do more than I imagine.

Faith and fitness don’t seem like compatible concepts.  But for me, they are.

When I get down, when I worry, when I wonder if I am “living up to my potential”, He is there.  My ever-so-gentle Coach of all Coaches comes alongside me and reminds me:  you are just enough as you are.

This unconditional acceptance of my current condition gives me peace.  It reminds me to accept me, right now as I am even if I am NOT living up to some trumped-up notion of my potential.

He has plans for me that don’t involve boot camps, bikini photos, noticeably outlined abs or single-digit clothing sizes.

So then why change at all?  Why not go on about my donut-gorging, couch-hugging, Netflix-binging way?  Because He wants (or so He tells me in a couple of verses in His Book) abundant life for me, joy and peace.  He doesn’t want me wrasslin’ myself to the ground with a bunch of made up standards, but instead, He wants me to Auntie Mame-it:  that is to LIVE LIVE LIVE!

He wants me to feel free, feel the freedom from oppression (self-induced or otherwise), in whatever way that is relevant to me. Sometimes that means I hang from a trapeze bar, or racing my dog down the driveway on my rollerblades.  Sometimes that means giving myself a break from the gym and getting some extra rest (and perhaps a Netflix or two).

Not that I could possibly ever know the mind of God, but I think He cares a lot less about the size and shape of our container, than the soul that is inside.

When I grab that trapeze bar and pull myself up and think about how I spent the last two years getting stronger, learning about myself that I can do the seemingly impossible, that I built resilience and learned to conquer my inner objections.  THAT’s what He wants for me.

When I feel the breeze blowing in my hair and I wobble just a bit as my skate wheel rolls over and crushes pecan hull, throwing me off balance for just a moment, and then…NO, I don’t fall down.  I realize I have better balance.  I am capable.  I am confident.  THAT’s what He wants for me.

Not fear, freedom.  Freedom from the barriers that I once saw for myself.  Freedom to be me.  Freedom to rediscover me.  Freedom to redefine me.

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